Special Projects

Mint Mangle

"Mint Mangle"

Seth bought this scooter in May of 2005 and put 10,000 miles on it before the year was up. It's been through many changes and many adventures. Current engine has been built by our friends That Scooter Thing with a heavily massaged a Polini 177 cylinder kit, a Mazzucelli balanced crank, Del 'Orto 28mm PHBG round slide carburetor, Boyesen Carbon Reeds, and raised gearing on the clutch and primary.
It's a beast.

Root Beer Guy Cafe

"Root Beer Guy"

When KYMCO released this new model we couldn't wait to make a little "cafe racer" out of it. It looks fantastic, and handles great! Probably our favorite bike to ride. Clip on bars, upgrade "Day Maker" LED headlight small form Lithium iron battery, air box and side panels removed, electrics relocated, Uni pod filter, LED turn signals, 17t front sprocket, and stainless front brake line.

Scramblin' Man

"Scramblin' Man"

We love the KYMCO Spade, and couldn't resist making another spin off custom. This one can go by the path less traveled with Maxxis knobby tires, wider dirt bike bars,and a guard over the upgraded LED headlight to protect from what you might come across while off road.