About Metro Scooter

Seth Hershey: Cannonball 2023

Seth Hershey, Owner

Seth Hershey has worked at Metro Scooter since 2005. In 2018 David Rueve gave him the opportunity to take over ownership. He is an experienced rider; knowledgeable in the riding characteristics of every bike in the showroom, plus many others. Seth is always eager to share his enthusiasm and joy found in riding, whether leading group rides on day trips in the Cincinnati region or talking daily with visitors to the shop.

Seth Hershey: CBRL Rider


Seth is a dedicated technician; focused on every detail of the motorbikes he services. He is Factory Certified with Genuine Scooter, Vespa, Piaggio, and Bosch.

Seth has ridden across America with the Scooter Cannonball twice. In 2021, from Bar Harbor, ME to Eureka, CA. In 2023, from San Clemente, CA to Hilton Head Island, SC.

Seth has ridden with the local riding group, Circus Bear Racing Leage since it's inception. He holds that this might be the best training any rider can pursue to improve observation, control, and thereby safety. Ask him about attending an event.

The Begining

Established in 2003

The original Metro Scooter showroom was created by carving out a corner in the AUTO4N Car Service garage. On a handshake deal with the owner of the Genuine Scooter Company, Metro was delivered six Stellas and opened for business.


Evanston Location, Montgomery Road

In 2007 Metro Scooter moved next door to a newly renovated 2000 sq. ft. showroom and workshop. This was our home for a long time, but always with a number of compromises from a service standpoint.


Northside Location, Spring Grove Avenue

After 20 years in Evanston, we moved into a 4500+ square foot showroom and workshop in the neighborhood of Northside. Metro stocks new and freshly serviced pre-owned used motorbikes from Vespa, Piaggio, Genuine Scooter, NIU, Royal Alloy, and KYMCO. Metro also carries riding apparel, accessories, parts and supplies.

David Rueve

David Rueve, Founder

We thank our friend and mentor David for the time and work that he put into starting Metro Scooter and encouraging Cincinnati to start enjoying the fun and excitement of riding a scooter.


Alysha D - Genuine Stella

There aren't a lot of options when it comes to scooter dealers in Cincinnati, but I guarantee if there were you'd still be coming to Metro. When I first decided I wanted a scooter; I went to them just to check out the Stella and browse. Visually, the store has a mod vintage style that I personally love, and it fits Metro perfectly. The only thing better than the store, is the people you'll find inside. Seth, Parker, and Dave's knowledge of every scooter they have on the floor is impressive to say the least. If you have questions, you'll get a sincere honest and very specific answer from them. If you're unsure about whether or not it's for you, just walk in and talk to anyone there. These guys are scooter enthusiasts, and it's hard not to feel the same after talking to them. It's apparent that they really pride themselves on being reliable dealers who can you can count on for your routine maintenance and/or repair. They're not going to sell you a scooter that they know isn't high quality, so don't expect them to have a large selection of brands. Just know that if you decide to buy from them that they will do whatever it takes to make sure that you absolutely love your scooter. After purchasing my scooter from them I know I would never go anywhere else. Ask any scooterist around town, they all know and love the guys at Metro, and with good reason.

Braden Y - Genuine Buddy

My girlfriend and I were just looking for something we could ride around our neighborhood instead of having to jump in the car and burn gas all the time. Personally, I was looking for something to ride to work. I recently got a new job downtown and paying for parking really got on my nerves quick. Come to find out there are FREE spots for motorcycles and scooters all over the city, including one right outside my building. So we made the decision to buy a scooter. Seth and the boys down at the shop were super helpful in setting everything up for us. I'd driven scooters before probably 10 years earlier, so I was comfortable with them, but just needed practice. My girlfriend, on the other hand, had never ridden and was skeptical. So when we finally went to pick it up, Seth took us out to an empty parking lot and showed her how to ride for probably a half hour. She loves riding it now.

Dillon H - SYM HD200

Got my SYM HD200 from them a few years back. Love it and love them. It was a nice buying experience - insanely knowledgeable and personable staff took us n00bs and brought us up to speed and helped us pick the best ride for us. Seth took my wife and I over to a big parking lot to get the basics and learn how to ride the thing before setting us free into the wilds of Cincinnati where people do whatever they want on the road. (We also took the the state's motorcycle class later on, which was actually really fun and well done.) They've always been good on support for me as well. Blew my rear tire while out riding once and they came and picked it up, filled my tire and got me back on the road. Any time I change tires (Intentionally) I have them mount it to the wheel for me for a small charge - usually same day, which is hella-easier than trying to wrestle it on myself. I've had to turn to Metro a few times when my extensive internetting yielded nothing and they've always been helpful.

Duane C - Genuine Buddy

Metro Scooter is a place that I drive by a lot do to me being a metro bus operator and I stopped in after calling several times on the phone and talked to Seth and he answered my questions and I could tell he very knowledgeable and friendly as well. inside the shop they had a nice selection of various types of scooters and colors. I'm 280 LBS but it moves me with ease and I couldn't be happier with the purchase and service and help that has been given to me. I have been putting miles on it with a smile every time I gas up instead of filling up my 4 door wrangler jeep. I wish I'd bought it sooner in the year I love riding this thing! people have been asking about it and have said it's nice looking and on the road people do look at it or maybe its just my 280Lb frame scooting along that their looking at :) either way I'm having a blast saving!

James T - Vespa S150ie

Such a great experience! I stopped in several times over the summer and finally was ready to buy just a couple of weeks ago.... I picked Seth's, Dave's, and Mitchell's brain about the benefits of each scooter I was interested in and set up a test ride. With the extensive research I did on my own and the help of the enthusiastic staff of the Metro Scooter, I found the perfect scooter for me. They were also able to order and attach several accessories in under the estimated time frame, and it looks sharp!!!!!

Paul B - Vespa LX150ie

Awesome place. Right when you pull in, the building just looks great! The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and you can easily see what they offer. The owner is extremely friendly and makes the whole experience enjoyable. If you're looking for a new vespa, vintage vespa, or an original scooter, this is the place to be!!!! Very Warm and inviting atmosphere with many accessories available!!

Aliyah F - Genuine Buddy

Metro Scooter guys go out of their way to be helpful, encouraging, and informative. They know their stuff, the store is lovely and well stocked, and they are efficient.They just want to welcome more scooterists into the world!

David P - Genuine Stellamatic

Bought a sweet red Stella Auto 125 from Metro in August 2014. Parker was great to deal with -- he was very patient in answering all of my questions and even gave me honest advice on a used Vespa I was considering. There was no sales pressure at all. I really can't recommend them highly enough!

Sean S - Genuine Stella

Dave is a great guy who knows his products well and has always been top notch and cool every time I've done business with him.i've recently bought my second scooter there yesterday.

Dan F - Genuine Blur

This is THE PLACE to go for scooters in Cincinnati. Very helpful, friendly, and provide tons of info for folks like me who are new to the world of two-wheel motorized travel. Far less expensive, time-consuming and a heck of a lot more fun than riding on the Metro bus. My friend made a mistake of buying a cheap used knock-off brand scooter off craigslist as his first experience - wasted a lot of time and energy to get it to run and was very unreliable. Scooters are an unbeatable alternative to driving a car. - wish I had known about them 5 years ago.

Carol H - Vespa LX150

Seth was a gem to work with (very patient & very knowledgeable) & I'm loving learning to ride my Vespa!

Kerri M - Kymco Agility

I just want to say how much I've enjoyed my buying experience at Metro. Seth is the person that I worked with, and I must say I appreciate his patience with me. I have wanted a scooter for a long time but I still had many questions. He was very kind and knowledgeable.

Kelli B - Vespa LX150

Everyone here is really great and my scooter is so much fun. I'm glad I decided to come in on a whim and now I'll never go anywhere else! I highly recommend them to all. Thank you guys so much!

Charlie H - Genuine Buddy

I love dealing with Metro Scooter. When I first went to the shop I felt like Metro did a fair business and was the kind of company I wanted to deal with. Dave and Seth answered all my questions and took good care of me. Now, over 20,000 miles later, they still know me by name and are glad to help whenever I have a question.

Shelley W - Genuine Buddy

I love how they took care of my first motorbike purchase since 1998. From delivery to my stupid questions, great. I can't wait to drive there by myself. Love it.

Nancy M - Genuine Buddy

If you are thinking about buying a scooter, start at Metro Scooter because you don't need to shop anywhere else. We were looking for a scooter to use while camping. We met Seth who showed us a number of options and sold us a Genuine Buddy. Seth's knowledgeable, straight-forward, honest approach convinced us that this scooter would be perfect for us. When we picked up the scooter, Seth had another Buddy that would make for a matching pair. We had a couple of days to think it over and were so pleased with the first sale that we ended up with 2 scooters. Seth advised us on the best scooter hauler and showed us how to load and tie down the scooter. He gave us tips on starting, stopping, kickstands and covers. Thanks and watch for us on the roads!

Steven H - Genuine Stella

Excellent service and staff, one of Cincinnati's gems.

Jeff D - Genuine Stella

Great! Staff was kind and helpful. This was my first motorcycle/scooter and so they spent time we me to show me how to ride it. I would recommend them to anyone, even if they are just curious. I bought a Stella and the experience was pleasant and the staff was helpful. They taught me how to ride and have been cooperative with any mechanical issues I've had with it thus far. For someone looking to buy a scooter from their show-room, I would enthusiastically recommend.

Michael F - Vespa LX150

Dave and the whole crew there are top notch. We bought our Vespa there 5 years ago, and continue trust them for service and accessories. A great local business with great customer service!!

Cathy G - Vespa Sprint

Metro Scooter is THE place to go if you're looking for a scooter!! I was very undecided about what I wanted and Seth was happy to email back and forth with me on a friday evening explaining what they had in stock and talking about scooters in general. I had a motorcycle and we discussed the benefits of a scooter vs a motorcycle. When I stopped in on Saturday everyone was so friendly and helpful, I ended up buying a Vespa and I absolutely love it!!! You simply can't go wrong shopping here!!!

Eric L - Vespa GTS250

Hey they sold me a new scoot (which is not easy) and they like my dog. What more could you ask for? They are also friendly, helpful and upfront. Check them out.

Susan E - Genuine Buddy

I have purchased two scooters from Metro Scooter in the past couple of years - most recent in June 2014! The service is superb! I am like a kid in a candy store when I walk in Metro and see all the bright scooter colors! I want one of each! I wouldn't think of going anywhere else than Metro Scooter! And Manager Seth - He's the best! He's da man!

Veronica O - Stella 125

Best place in Cincy to scooter shop... Seth is very enthusiastic to help you find what you're looking for!

Jim R - Sprint 150

Great place to buy a scooter.I bought a Buddy 125 from Seth. He was very knowledgeable and helpful when deciding which scooter to purchase. The Buddy was fun to ride, great mpg, and a great value for the dollar. Had all maintenance done at Metro Scooter, happy with the service.I recently upgraded, bought a Vespa Sprint 150 from Metro Scooter because of the good experience I had there. The comparison between the Vespa and the Buddy is night and day. I was happy with the Buddy and it was a good scooter to start with. But the Vespa is a faster, more stable ride, quieter, and looks cool! Seth tracked down exactly the Sprint I was looking to buy (year and color) and had it ready for me in just a couple of days.Very happy with my experiences at Metro Scooter. I recommend it to anyone looking to buy a scooter.