Ohio Motorcycle License Information

The scooters that we sell and service are step through framed motorcycles. They require a motorcycle endorsement, registration, and insurance to operate legally on the road. Please find more information at the links below. We stand by to consult and advise anybody to a scooter, motorcycle, or bicycle that would be perfect for them.

Ohio Motorcycle License FAQ

Ohio Motorcycle Operator's Manual

Ohio Digest of Motor Vehicle Laws (of which chapter four applies.)

Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course

Alternative to the Great Oaks classes, since that class has a tendency to fill the class positions very quickly, check in with Balance Dynamics in Walton Kentucky.

Kentucky Motorcycle License Information

Kentucky Motorcycle Manual

Kentucky Motor Vehicle Manual

Don't want to get a motorcycle license?

If you reside in Kentucky or Indiana you can ride a 50cc scooter without a motorcycle license, however Ohio has no such allowance for "mopeds" that aren't on the approved moped list.

More info on Ohio Mopeds Here including a succinct definition of what a moped is according to Ohio legislation.

Electric bicycles on the other hand are permitted to be used as bicycles despite the motors, because they are specified within the power output allowed by federal law mandating ebikes. You don't need an operators permit of any kind to use our ebikes. Talk about a license to ride.