Raleigh Electric

Raleigh Electric bikes are designed around one idea: Fun. This is an idea that inspired our first bikes back in 1887 and continues to inspire our bikes today. So much of our lives revolve around getting from point A to point B, why shouldn't we enjoy the ride while we get there? Take a break from your car and speed up your commute with a Raleigh electric bike. Besides the grin that comes with riding an electric bike, there are other benefits as well: travel efficiency, eco friendliness, and fitness, to name a few.

Both on road and off road, the Haibike ePerformance bikes' physical power remains the core component of the riding experience. Whether you like to power off into the distance or enjoy just gliding along. Together with the extremely reliable Bosch motor, we are creating e-bikes of only the highest quality!

The electric bicycles that we sell are permitted to be used as bicycles, despite the motors, because they are specified within the power output allowed by federal law mandating ebikes. You don't need an operators permit of any kind to use our ebikes. Talk about a license to ride.