Metro Scooter will be closed Monday the 27th of May in observation of Memorial Day so we can fire up the grill and hang out with our families and friends.

Riding a motorbike is always fun, and the best kind of excitement. That's why we ride on a daily basis. The scooters and motorcycles that we stock make it even better by being stylish, easy to approach, easy to learn, and ride efficiently every day.

Metro Scooter is Cincinnati's scooter shop! We carry a full line of quality scooters from the nation's leading scooter brands: Vespa, Piaggio, Genuine Scooters, and Kymco.

We now carry the nation's leading Ebike brands: Raleigh and Haibike.

The Electric Bicycle ExperienceTailwind instead of headwind. This is the new cycling, the new riding experience. Flatten out the steepest hills, watch the miles disappear behind you, and handle your daily commute with calm and composure.

Your electric bike is your guardian angel, ready to give you that extra push when you need it. It senses how hard you’re working and gives you just as much help as you desire. You’re still pedaling, but you’ve got the power of an electric assist motor to lighten the load and make you stronger. You’ll feel like you’re flying under your own power

All of our scooters and Ebikes come with solid warranties backed by Piaggio, Genuine, and Bosch Certified Technicians at our full service repair shop.

Come visit us, call us, or send us a message: Check out our Contact Page, or just ask the internet for directions.