Haibike Trekking  $3995

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present the ultimate urban ebiking experience.
Designed and engineered in Germany by Haibike.
Equipped with BOSCH mid drive ebike system.
Can it get any better?

Bosch Performance Motor

The heart of the ebike is the motor system. The new Bosch Performance motor is unequaled, and provides high power, great efficiency, consistant reliability, and responsive sensor technology. This gives the rider a natural ride, enhancing their own abilities.

Bosch PowerPack Battery 

The extremely efficient 400Wh, lightweight 5.5lb  battery can last up to 109 miles in Eco mode under optimal conditions. The removable, lockablle shockproof powerPack is attached to the frame. It can be fully charged in only 3.5 hours. 

Bosch Intuvia Display

The dual mode display has two main functions; to allow the rider to control drive parameters, and to display system information, including distance, time, and speed. The control pad allows you to access all the computer and drive functions remotely, leaving your hands on the bar to maintain safety and control.

Bosch Features

Harmoniously balanced or assertively powerful? Natural is whatÂ’s important. The Bosch riding sensation creates a unique eBike experience. Three sensors measure pedaling power, cadence, and speed more than 1000 times per second. This enables the rider and the eBike to interact with each other organically.