BIONX D 500 DV $2495

This is the big boy in the BionX line of the line.
Massive  torque and brilliant acceleration . Hills? What hills? 

BIONX D 500 DV Complete Kit $2495

Top of the line. Light weight powerful Lithiuom-ion battery, silent and powerful motor with amazing torque.


D 500 DV Motor

The D 500 DV motor is rear wheel mount, light weight, and has massive torque. Brushless, silent, maintenance free.
Torque: 18.4/37 ft-lb
25-50 Nm

D 500 DV Battery

Frame mount, light weight, locking and removeable. Can be charged in 3-4 hours off or on your bike.
Lithium-Ion 48v
11.6 Ah 555w

D 500 DV Range

Up to 80 miles on a single charge depending on assist level selected. The simple intuitive display shows battery level, assist level, MPH, distance, and mode.

D 500 DV Features

One of the uber cool features of Bionx is regenerative braking - when you are braking, your battery is being recharged. Plus a little red button for full boost on demand.