BionX S 350 DL $1799

Get around Cincinnati  better...
Your  bicycle and the BionX electric bike conversion  kit.
Your new super power, climb any hill. 

P 350 DL Motor

The P 350 DX motor gives you plenty of power with lots of torque. The motor is brushless, silent, and maintenance free.
Torque: 7.4/29.5 ft-lb.
9/40 Nm

P 350 DL Battery

Frame mount, light weight, locking and removeable. Can be charged in 3-4 hours off or on your bike. Great for triangle frame bicycles, keeping the center of balance low.
Lithium-Ion 48v
6.6 Ah 317w

P 350 DL Range

Ride up to 50 miles on a single charge depending on assist level selected. The simple intuitive display shows battery level, assist level, MPH, distance, and mode.

BionX Features

The whole kit and kaboodle weighs only 17.6 pounds. BionX owners report having personally lost that much weight and more because they ride their electric assisted bicycle reguarlly, making the weight of the kit negilgable.