BIONX  350 DV  $2299

With mega power and range (up to 84 miles), you can't go wrong,
freauring four levels of assist: 35, 75, 150 and 250%.
The entire system weighs only 19.4 lbs.

P 350 DV Motor

The P 350 DV motor gives you superior power with lots of torque. The motor is brushless, silent, and maintenance free.
Torque: 7.4/29.5 ft-lb.
10/40 Nm

P 350 DV Battery

The P 350 DV uses the same battery as the top end D 500 DV. Frame mount, light weight, locking and removeable. Can be charged in 3-4 hours off or on your bike.
Lithium-Ion 48v
11.6 Ah 555w

P 350 DV Range

Up to 84 miles on a single charge depending on assist level selected. The simple intuitive display shows battery level, assist level, MPH, distance, and mode.

BionX Features

Another really cool feature of BionX is that some kits come with a port for lighting, so the same battery that powers you up the hills, also powers your headlight and tail light.